ECM unveils its made in Ontario E-House

Single-weld, 1,100 square-foot structure destined for Enersource in Mississauga, Ont.


CONCORD, Ont. — Elias Custom Metal Fabrication (ECM) Ltd. has unveiled its fabricated-in-Ontario E-house, which is going to energy provider Enersource in Mississauga, Ont.

The utility grade electrical house was custom-designed and engineered using 50% recycled materials by the Vaughan, Ont. manufacturer in partnership with ABB Canada, which engineered the structure and hired ECM to build it.

E-Houses, alternatives to concrete block or brick structures, are prefabricated, walk-in and usually modular outdoor enclosures requiring assembly on site, that house medium and low voltage switchgears and auxiliary equipment.

ECM’s E-house is prebuilt, tested and ready for installation on site.

The company says the 60,000 lb., 1,100 square-foot single-welded unit made for the power, mining and oil and gas industries is the largest allowable under Canadian transportation rules. When it’s fully equipped by ABB, it will weigh 130,000 lb.

“Previously, Canadian companies often had to purchase E-Houses from abroad. Now ECM has brought the capacity and skilled knowledge home to be manufactured here in Ontario,” says Fadi Emeid, president and CEO of Elias Custom Metal.

He notes the structures require a lot of expertise, which the company he began in 1994 with his brother Sam “has under our roof”. The company makes regular investments in advanced technology. The latest is a $2-million investment in advanced Trumpf laser equipment that will add 10 skilled jobs to the 44-person, 80,000 square-foot operation. The equipment will add capacity for more complex projects involving laser tube construction and automated welding.

Emeid says the company is targeting the North American market. Although plunging oil prices have slowed the energy sector, ECM is waiting for orders to be released, and there is potential to export outside North America to destinations such as Dubai.

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