Electrical Enclosures

Electrical Enclosures designed to protect various critical technology and valuable electrical components are fully fabricated on-site. We have both the capability and capacity to produce enclosures as small as 1 sq. ft. and as large as 1,100 sq. ft. for every custom requirement in virtually all industries including applications within the oil, gas, power plants and renewable energy industry.

One of the most notable projects ECM has completed to date includes the first ever of its kind Electrical House manufactured in Ontario.


  • Electrical houses (or E-Houses) are designed to protect critical and valuable electrical equipment and are widely used in the oil and gas industry, power plants and renewable energy (wind farms)
  • Here are a few innovative features of this “intelligent design” E-House:

◦FIRST EVER: It's the first E-House to be custom-engineered and manufactured locally in Ontario


▪It weighs over 60,000 lbs and occupies 1,100 square feet

▪Its mere size and structure is impressive. It is 56 feet long, 13 feet high and 17 feet wide

▪This is the largest allowable size under Canada transportation rules and regulations. It is built to maximum dimensions and capacity limits for oversize loads.


▪It comes as a single welded unit which requires complex and very accurate calibration and trade expertise. By comparison, other E-Houses are usually modular and require assembly on-site.

▪The single welded unit makes it ideal for power plant upgrades as it can be built and tested off-site to minimize risks in the field.

◦MOBILE: Can be easily relocated to be used as a mobile substation

◦STRENGTH AND INTEGRITY: it is built with leak proof construction and indestructable roof integrity that can withstand transport

◦RECYCLED MATERIAL: the enclosure is made with approximately 50% recycled material equivalent to 30,000 lbs

◦TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: the E-House has double wall insulation, built-in heating and air conditioning

◦SHEER SIZE AND WEIGHT: the finished unit weighs approximately 130,000 lbs once fully equipped and shipped to the end user

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