Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 Laser

Tube laser technology capable of cutting tubes up to 6 inches in diameter, 5/16 inches thick and 26 feet in length

The proven concept of the TruLaser Tube 5000 replaces conventional manufacturing methods such as sawing, drilling, milling and punching to highly efficient laser tube cutting capabilities. The perfect compatibility between the components ensures high productivity; from the laser unit and the beam guidance system to the clamping unit and the control panel right to the modules for the handling of tubes and profiles. The results are:

  • Highly productive manufacturing
  • Exact results due to adaptive clamping technology leading to virtually no waste
  • Finest part quality


  • Seamless interaction between the control and programming systems drawings are effortlessly turned into a finished part
  • Automated solutions ensure an optimized workflow and accelerated logistic processes


  • Self-centering clamp chucks keep tubes locked in position and ensure accurate cutting and consistent high part quality
  • Precise guidance of the tube using wider clamping rollers
  • Precise processing with the synchronized chucks
  • Perform quality bevel cuts up to 45 in mild steel and for many applications in stainless steel and aluminum


  • Full flexibility for the processing of open profiles
  • Tube processing for wall thicknesses up to 8 mm and tube weight capacities of up to 20 kg/m
  • Profiles with the most diverse geometries can be processed in a fully automatic and most efficient way

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